Robert Glenn

Wishful crafting

Ever wondered how many craft processes are involved in creating a beautiful bespoke piece of jewellery? Wonder no more, we can let you in on the craft behind this beautiful 18ct yellow gold wishbone bangle.

It all begins with some good old client consultation. Then we source the perfect stones, in this case brilliant cut diamonds, design the perfect setting (18ct yellow gold) and go back to the client with a design and samples.

Once this is all approved the crafting can begin.

This bracelet began life as a 3D printed CAD drawing, we used the 3D model to create a lost wax mould into which is poured molten gold. This process is done at a local foundry but once it’s all cooled down the bracelet is returned to our workshop in two halves, which we join together with a discreet gold pin, tightly fitted to ensure it’s barely visible. The bracelet is then made ready to hold the gems, for this piece we chose a rub over setting.

Once the gems are secure we polish, first abrasively to remove burrs and scratches, then ever more softly to bring up a beautiful shine.

Finally we call the client and wait to see their face light up with joy!

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